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My sanity is debatable.


Yesterday I got up at 3:10 AM, after about four hours in bed, of which most was actual sleep, I believe.
I decided to try out a day of that special sleeping pattern I had thought of - getting up really early so that by the time dawn rolls around, I'm ready for the day. I'm slow in the morning.
So I decide to take a shopping trip to Førde. I let the school bus pass by, because I'd rather walk for 45 minutes than tolerate 5 with those vile children. What I didn't think of was checking if my aunt was going to work as normal that day - she was, and I could have got a ride if I'd have asked - but anyway, I saw my aunt leave for work in the morning. Still semi-dark.

I should have turned around halfway up the hill, when I noticed the road was quite icy. But I walked on the edge to compensate. This, however, caused my pant leg to get wet from the dewy vegetation, and after a while, my right foot was pretty wet. But not cold, thanks to my lovely wool socks. Instead of being miserable, I was merely uncomfortable. Ironically, I was wearing my "lack of forethought" socks.

But anyway, I should have taken the cue to turn around and go home and change, but that meant canceling the trip, and I really wanted to go. I pressed on. I got to the ferry lane with no time to spare; had just a few meters left to walk by the time the ferry had docked. I endured having a wet foot for the duration of the passing and some waiting time at Rysjedalsvika before the bus arrived. I got on board, bought my ticket and seated near the middle and took off my wet shoe and socks. The inner cotton sock was a lost cause; unavoidably cold. The wool sock, I managed to mostly dry off on the heater on the bus. But there was no way to dry my shoe.. the best I could do was stuff some tissue paper in it, put the wool sock back on without the cotton sock, and bear with it. I decided then that the time had come to buy the replacement for my old Boots of Awesomeness +5.

So I went to a sports store, which to my surprise also had a good selection of dog/cat food - saved me a long walk out to the vet's - same brand. And I got the most awesome (and also most expensive) footwear I have ever owned. Photos should show up on flickr within a few days. I also got some socks there, since I needed dry socks. Also bought a pair of pants at my favorite clothing store - the only one I know of where I can get jeans with a high waist. I can't stand wearing low-riding pants. Then I went into the restrooms to get changed. Upon putting on my new pants, I exclaimed some frustration at them having "girl pockets" - I prefer men's pants because they have much deeper pockets. Why is this? Also, why are toilets in the ladies' room just as low as the ones in the men's room? The only reason the standard water closet has such a low bowl is so men can stand there and pee into it. It is uncomfortable to sit so low. But that's mostly unrelated.

Further shopping was done. Nothing much of note there. Tried to find an unsecured wireless network so I could tweet for free from my DS, but failed. Decided that anything I had to say was not so urgent that I felt like paying to say it.

Was a little disappointed at the Asian food store. They had miso paste (two kinds) and kombu, but no katsuobushi, and they were out of tofu. Will have to postpone my plan for making miso soup from scratch. I should take a trip to Bergen next week or so, and check out the stores there.

And then I had to wait for over two hours for the bus back home. That was kind of boring, but thanks to having brought my knitting, a good book and equally good tea, it was reasonably pleasant. I just wish it wasn't so noisy. I don't like being around that many people. The bus finally arrived and I got a seat by myself. The ride back was relaxing. I didn't quite fall asleep, even though I was very tired. Changed buses at Oppedal - we were two passengers total the entire way to Rutledal where I got off. It wasn't all that dark, thanks to the full moon, and having rested on the bus, walking home seemed not impossible, just improbable. I didn't want to bother my relatives with asking for a ride, though, so I walked. Several times I thought I probably couldn't make it all the way on my own, but I carried on. Took several breaks, finished off my tea. Then the distance left was so short it seemed ridiculous to call and ask for a ride. It was a relief to reach the top of the hill and knowing it was all downhill from there, except for the path up to my house. Got home, read stuff on the 'net for a while, went to bed. Step count around 16.000. I just don't know how to pace myself, do I? Can't I ever find a happy medium between laziness and overexertion?

Anyway, it was kind of a ridiculous trip, but at the end I was glad I had taken it. The retail therapy did me well. Oh, and Odessa greeted me as I came home. It's so nice to have someone waiting for me.

- - -

Today, I got up reasonably early - about 8. Got firewood. Didn't finish bringing it all up, as I learned my grandparents were going to Dalsøyra, so I decided to tag along so I could do grocery shopping. When we got back it was already darkening, so I only brought up one more load of firewood, leaving the last two for tomorrow.
That's most of what I've been up to lately.
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