Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking



Oh - I haven't updated here for a while. Sorry. :P

I am well, the cat is well. Despite the snow and cold, she still loves going outside often, though most times I'll find her sitting on the stairs waiting for me to let her in when I go to check on her.

The christmas celebration was nice. A lot more steeped in christianity than what I'm used to at mom's place, but within tolerable levels. The food is different, but good in its own way.

I only got six presents, but two of them were awesome, another one was great, and another two were good. And the last wasn't bad, but I doubt it'll see much use.

Special thanks to Sigmund, Audun and mom for the Wii Fit Plus. And the money from my grandparents should get me a good mp3 player to replace my silly old one. Now I just need to get a device that'll let me hook up my Wii to my lovely monitor, clear some space, and I am good to go.

Maybe now I can get back to knitting some more. Not sure what to do now, so I'll try to get on with the second "Slither" sock.

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