Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Not much happening.


Things happened on Tuesday, though. I went to Brekke. Managed to resist the temptation to buy more yarn. In fact reduced my yarn stash by one skein which was desperately needed by someone else. A color that had been discontinued in October 2008. Yeah, some of my yarn is that old, and still untouched. But anyway, the main thing was that the bus was twenty minutes late. So I had to wait outside, where it was freezing and somewhat windy, for an hour instead of the usual 40 minutes after the stores close. While on the bus, I tried to call my aunt to get a ride home from Rutledal, thinking it too cold to walk, but she didn't answer her phone. When I arrived, I found it was not as windy as Brekke, and though I was encumbered with shopping, the walk was not particularly tiring. I even stayed warm, thanks to wool clothing. (Merino/silk long johns and that fair-isle sweater urtidssuppa gave me so many years ago. Thank you, in case I didn't appreciate it properly back then. Mildly surprised that my less fiber-aware past self never destroyed it in the laundry. I'm much more skilled at handling wool garments now, and I'm sure it'll keep me warm for years to come.

My sleep has been erratic lately, with no discernible link between the time I go to bed and the time I get up. Some nights I sleep for 14-16 hours, some 7-10. Today was one of the days I got up before noon, as opposed to around sunset (which happens around 4 PM this time of year), but I somehow managed to waste the entire day playing Might and Magic VII.

I did, however, try to felt (manually) that bag I knitted like a year and a half ago. It wouldn't felt much at all. Going to try doing it by machine soon, maybe tomorrow.

Lastly, I have gained some confidence in my future ability to knit sweaters. No matter how poorly I do, it won't look as bad as these $2,760 sweaters. You should read the comments. I couldn't have said it better myself.
Tags: fiber arts, knitting, life in brosvika, yarn

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