Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Upcoming knitting project: "Blue Doom"


I still need more raggsocks, and I'm still on a yarn diet where I'm not allowed to buy more yarn until January is over. I also don't have more than one skein of the same color/type of thick sock yarn.. except for the bane of my existence, Gjestal Raggegarn. The last time I knit a pair of socks with this yarn, my hands got so sore I had to put tape on my fingers to be able to continue. I guess it's spun with some of the more coarse part of the wool. Dirt cheap, not really worth it. But I have it, and it's white. Time to try my hand at dyeing.

Sometime in the coming week, I will dye this yarn. Blue, because I can't find my green.

And then, for another first, I will knit socks from the toe and up. This will also mean I'll have to learn a new type of heel, and a new type of cast-off, as all the types I already know are too tight.

Today, I'm just converting my skeins into hanks for dyeing. Dyeing will take place sometime within the span of Monday to Sunday. I don't know when I'll cast on - I suspect I'll start on a pair of fingering weight socks before I get started on these. But I will face my fear of new things and dye this yarn.

Gjestal Raggegarn

Also, I'm not sure how well it will take the dye. It's only 60% wool (20% nylon, 20% acrylic). But it'll earn me a few XP at least.
Tags: fiber arts

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