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The worst thing that happened to me today: A piss-ant bit me. Hurt very much for a while.
Second worst, I guess: I tried to make my knitting a bit fancier and it went all pear-shaped on me. Meh. Don't feel like going back; will probably just frog it and start over again with a slightly thicker needle, since the fabric turned out a bit dense - but I don't have the appropriate needle yet. So that project is in hibernation.

Good things happening today:
❄ Went to Eivindvik, and once again, no one bothered me on the bus. I could get used to that. And that adorable little girl sat next to me again - even though there were plenty of free seats this time, unlike the last time when she shyly asked if she could sit next to me. We didn't talk this time, and I felt a bit awkward, but I made myself say "have a nice day at school" to her as she got off, and that put a smile on her face.
❄ Arrived at Eivindvik and spent some time in the waiting room at the doctors' office until after the store opened, got something to eat, headed over to the crafts store, and found it had opened early today.
❄ Spent several hours there, knitting, chatting with people - lots of people come by just for a conversation and a cup of coffee, it seems. Six people simultaneously, and only two of us were knitting.
❄ Judith was one of the people visiting, and we talked some, and I got to tell her about my cat toys making a few shelter cats happy. I'll definitely make more to donate to Kattens Vern. I'm almost out of catnip, but I've found I can get it easily off eBay. It's not very easy to find here in Norway, and when I do find it, it's in small quantities and rather expensive.
❄ I got my package from aetherspoon today. Yay! I haven't had time to test the DigiWii yet because I've been busy being outdoors, and then later too tired to do much of anything. And knitting.
❄ I finished a pair of socks today. Started a new one tonight. Oh, I had almost forgotten how lovely knitpicks needles are to knit with. Maybe it's mostly that the last needle I used was exceedingly bad in combination with the yarn (bamboo with plastic cable, treskogarn) and I somehow got used to that.
❄ Thanks again to rekenner for introducing me to The Megas - after listening to their one album available on Spotify repeatedly, I decided to buy all their downloadable music this morning - I wanted to listen to them while on the bus. And they're so reasonably priced too.

So, my life is pretty good, I'd say.
Tags: knitting, life in brosvika, music, spotify

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