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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
19th-Apr-2010 00:45
ginko with tea 1

Today, I finally tried out the blender I bought on my last trip to Førde (almost a month ago...) - I made Odessa a smoothie out of a can of cat food. It looked disgusting, but she seemed to like it a lot. She has some problem with her throat, and whenever I give her canned food she usually just licks off the gravy and leaves most of the chunks to dry out. So I figured I'd get her to eat more if I just liquefied it. Success.

I also cleared out a whole lot of floor space in the living room today. Enough to play with my Wii, I think, except I still need to clear off the desk so I can reposition the monitor to face the area I can play from. Heh. -_-'

(But hey, progress!)

It has been snowing today. I am most displeased with this development, and blame the volcano. Only small amounts, though, already melted during the day, but now it's snowing again.

Still knitting away at my pink socks in Sandnes Perfect. Past the heel, have used 70% of the two balls of yarn. Might end up using some of the third as well, to make them a bit longer. I've also been knitting some more cat toys recently, and now I'm just about out of catnip.

Been drinking jasmine tea all day - about three liters total. This stuff is freaking delicious if prepared correctly.

I've also done a small amount of work outdoors. Some weeding and preparing my future potato plot.
19th-Apr-2010 14:57 (UTC) - Jasmine tea
I haven't had jasmine tea in a while now. I think How do you prepare it?

19th-Apr-2010 14:59 (UTC) - Jasmine tea
(I think i have the same brand as you.. The Fujian Tea Import/Export orange box)
19th-Apr-2010 15:32 (UTC) - Re: Jasmine tea
Yeah, the included instructions are horrible. It says to steep for five minutes. FIVE! That's a sure-fire way to get bitter tea. I steep it for just under three minutes.
19th-Apr-2010 19:06 (UTC) - Re: Jasmine tea
Thanks! At which temperature?
19th-Apr-2010 19:36 (UTC) - Re: Jasmine tea
I go with the usual 95°C for the cheap stuff. Some of my fancier jasmine teas are supposed to be steeped at 80°, so I wouldn't go any lower than that. Depends on how hot you like your tea.
20th-Apr-2010 13:55 (UTC) - Re: Jasmine tea
I prefer the tea medium hot :) My favourite green tea, Rykucha Midori, is steeped on 60°C ! Thanks for the jasmine tip, drinking it as I write this :D

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