Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking



Almost no knitting at all the last couple of days. Something seemed wrong with my current socks and I tinked several rounds and still couldn't find anything actually wrong. I guess I'll just knit back up again.. later. Kind of bored with those socks now.

I've finally set up my Wii, semi-permanently at least, and have started playing Okami, which my Aniki got me for my birthday. I've played the game for about two hours so far, starting to get into it and enjoying it a lot. Going to just proceed at a leisurely pace, playing a little bit each night after sunset. I can't play in the afternoons because my living room gets flooded with sunlight. It's really quite lovely.

Odessa killed a mouse today. She ate the entire thing. So proud of her.

It gets really cold at night, sometimes dipping just into freezing.
Tags: life in brosvika, odessa, wii
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