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Stuff! Books and Okami.


Goal for May: Read at least five books. So far I'm doing good; almost halfway through the second book of the month. Reward if goal is met: I get to buy more books! I'm still annoyed that I have yet to get my greedy hands on Seanan McGuire's "A Local Habitation" and I'm itching for the continuation of the story. At least it's not something everyone reads so I don't have to worry much about spoilers.. but especially after the teaser chapter posted online a while back.. I have to know how things develop with Tybalt. I like him. ^_^
And yeah, I'm getting FEED too. (Ahaha, they're frequently bought together says amazon)

Any other books I should grab while I'm getting some? It might be a few months until the next time I do a book order from again. (since books are exempt from import fees, I don't have to worry about buying too many at once. Buy in bulk and save on shipping! The only reason I've held off buying ALH this long is that it'd cost me just as much in shipping as the book price if I bought just the one book.)

Starting Monday, I'll be reducing my dosage of my anti-depressants. I've discussed it with my doctor. I've wanted to quit for years, but it's never been a good time - until now. I can't even remember how long I've been on the meds. Seven years, maybe?

Currently playing Okami on the Wii. It's taking up significant amounts of time and is threatening to sabotage my reading goal. I don't think any of my LJ friends have noticed since I don't post much anyway, but on IRC they are noticing that I'm not talking as much as normal. >_>

Still haven't felt the ravages of pollen much. Bring it on; I have a good stash of zyrtec on hand.
Tags: books, drugs, medical log, wii

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