Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

All right, who put a hex on me?


Last night I managed to break TWO teacups. That's simply bizarre. Breaking cups or plates is something I do maybe once or twice a year.

The first one was a favorite too.. but I can get a new one if I can just make it to an IKEA store, and it's not expensive or anything. The problem with favorite kitchenware from IKEA is that by the time I accidentally break a piece, they'll usually have discontinued that item. But this one is still in stock. I'd better get three while I'm at it so they can last me for years. I only got one because I wasn't sure I was going to like it.

The second was cheap and had no sentimental value, though it did have a pretty picture of a kitty on it.

Then I switched to drinking tea out of one of my soft plastic foldable cups.
Tags: wtf?

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