Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

The joys of having a hunting cat..


And the troubles..

Uglorable chick

She brought me this. It does not appear to be hurt. How do I treat it so that it doesn't just die? What do I feed it? Do I keep it in the sun or in the shade? What species is it anyway, and how old? *panic*

If only Odessa would tell me which nest she kidnapped it from so I could try to put it back.. its real parents would do a much better job than I could.

EDIT: It's still alive. I'm keeping it under a lamp to keep it warm, and I've been feeding it a flour-water mixture. Er, birds need a lot of fat too, don't they? Maybe I can mix in some ground up sunflower seeds too..
I don't know how finely tuned my empathy is, but I think the little one gets lonely. It responds positively to touch. I think it misses its family. I also get the impression that it doesn't like the food much, but it's still eating with a strong appetite because it wants so very much to live, and if it doesn't eat it will die.
If it makes it through the night, I'll try putting it outside again tomorrow. Hope the parents haven't forgotten it already. But Odessa might have snatched it from a nest further away, and it doesn't even chirp. How are they going to find it?
Tags: odessa's hunting

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