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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
Life sucks a bit too. But not too badly. 
9th-Jun-2010 23:18
Pirate Kriatyrr & Odessa

So my Pomatomus socks that were going so well turned out too tight for my feet. Blargh. I also can't make them the regular length with the yarn I'm using - Silja Strømpegarn is only 150 meters per skein and the socks need more like 175. So I can do them with two leg repeats instead of the normal three, I guess. But I'm going to have to start all over again with thicker needles anyhow.
I had wanted to have one sock completed and the other in progress for International Knit in Public Day on Saturday so I'd have something to show off. So much for that plan.

The garden is overgrown, in particular the path down to the street. The entire house is a mess. Potato plants have just started to emerge from the soil. I have rhubarb! Lots of it. But it's so sour.. and if I add sugar to it like we did when we were kids, it'll just be unhealthful. Does rhubarb have any actual uses outside of pie?

I didn't do any exercise yesterday, and only barely managed to get myself to do the measuring and body test in Wii Fit, which praised me for my diligence as I have not missed a single day in the week I've been doing it. -_-

I miss group therapy.
10th-Jun-2010 06:56 (UTC) - Rabarbra!
Du kan jo lage rabarbragröt, eller rabarberkräm som det kalles her i Svea riket.

Ca 2-3 dl vann kokes med 10-12 stilker rabarbra i biter (ca 3-4 cm lange), sukker tillsetttes etter önske. For å få den litt fastere, bland litt potetmel med vann og hell det i under omröring etter att rabarbran har löst seg opp.

Kjempegodt, varm eller kalld, med eller uten litt melk på. :)

Kunne önske vi hade rabarbra her..
10th-Jun-2010 21:03 (UTC) - via twitter
Hi Kriatyrr,

I followed you over here. Such a nice blog. I've never grown rhubarb, but I sure love it, and DO dump the sugar on. I'm bad. Can you get mature stalks from the plant the first year? I really ought to start some next season. I could plop it down anywhere there is sun I suppose.

I hope your socks turn out better second time around. Typically I use sock yarn, size 1 needles and cast on 60 for the cuff. I'm on Ravelry.com if you care to see what I've done. Not too fancy. My user name is knitwitless. You would have to register to look, and maybe you don't want to do that.

Like I said, just enjoy the knitting. If you try to reach a deadline and fail, you might start disliking it. I understand there are a lot of people with only one sock. I hope you make the pair. I love to wear them all.

Take care...
10th-Jun-2010 21:23 (UTC) - Re: via twitter
Thanks for the comment. I'm already on Ravelry; my username there is Nagamori.

I didn't plant the rhubarb myself; it's been there since before I moved here. It could probably use some care; most of the stalks are only about half the thickness of the rhubarb I've seen in stores. But I guess mine is organic. :D

I do most of my socks two-at-a-time to avoid Second Sock Syndrome, and toe-up to avoid running out of yarn at inconvenient times.
I'm enjoying knitting the Pomatomus so much! It's hard to put it down sometimes. I've been improvising the last ..nine (!?) sock pairs I've done, so I figured I was overdue in following a pattern again.
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