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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
Summer Vacation: The Quest for Groceries. 
28th-Jun-2010 08:30

As many of you know, I live here and the only bus we get is the school bus. Thus I am without transportation for the duration of summer vacation.

Thankfully, it's only 3 km to the ferry lane at Rutledal, which is occasionally graced by a bus or two, and has a ferry running to the other side of the fjord (Rysjedalsvika).

So I asked the route finder at Fjord1 how to get myself from Rutledal to Eivindvik.

And it told me to take the ferry to Rysjedalsvika, the boat to Sollibotn, and from there a bus to Eivindvik.
Let me illustrate: (map taken from google maps and doodled on in GIMP because I stopped pirating software and therefore don't have Photoshop oh how I miss photoshop)

...yeah. Normal route would be along the dotted red line, then south on the main road to Nordgulen, where the bus turns westwards and mostly follows the coast, past Flolid to Eivindvik - a 30-minute drive. This proposed route takes three times as long.

I might as well go to Førde to do my groceries.. Either way I'd have no hope of bringing foods that require refrigeration home before they spoil.
28th-Jun-2010 08:38 (UTC)
Skal bli godt når mamma kommer på besök eller? :P
28th-Jun-2010 16:37 (UTC)
And I thought I lived in a remote area!

I guess you will be doing a lot of canned food? I hope you have one of those wheeled handcart things to carry stuff...
28th-Jun-2010 22:08 (UTC)
You do live in a remote area. I mean, do you have public transportation *at all* out there?

I actually use more dry and frozen foods than canned. I'm glad I like rice, chick peas and all sorts of beans.

And there's the ice cream van that comes by here every other Saturday - in addition to selling ice cream in bulk, at fair prices, they also sell lots of different frozen sea food. When stores are few and far between like out here, getting something frozen delivered right at my door is a blessing.

I usually lug my groceries around in a huge backpack, and I'm getting used to carrying heavy loads. Last week I bought a 10kg sack of cat food in addition to lots of other things. By the time I got to the ferry I was completely exhausted. Good thing I still have the option of calling my aunt to ask for a ride.. but I try not to abuse the privilege.
28th-Jun-2010 22:55 (UTC)
There is a bus, but the nearest stop is 45 minute drive away, and it only runs couple times a day. So you really need a car of your own to live over here! We tend to buy our foods in bulk. There are two extra freezers in the basement, and I keep a full pantry all the time. We are quite well prepared for the zombie apocalypse, haha.

We have an ice cream van too! Funny how that is perceived as a necessity the world over.XD

When I lived in Seoul, I had a folding handcart with wheels to lug my groceries around on the subways and buses.
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