Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Summer Vacation: Oh yeah. It's summer!


For some reason I was up early today. Around 6:30 I think, having gone to bed right around midnight last night.

Today started out overcast, then it rained quite a bit, and lastly it cleared up and turned into one of those wonderful summer days I had a lot of in my childhood. So I packed my backpack and went to the lake (it's only a 25-minute walk), and had my first swim of the year. A bit cold, but lovely and refreshing. It surprised me how tired I felt when I made it out to the island. I made sure to "warm up" first, though, and maybe most importantly confirming that yes, I do remember how to float. To float is something I learned several years after first learning to swim, and it opened up so many possibilities. No longer did I have to make it to land before being exhausted; I could just lie on my back and not sink.

After resting a while, I swam back. Had a moderately alarming moment when I got some water up my nose while floating. Lesson learned: Keep your head towards the oncoming waves. I was also in some discomfort due to water in my ears, also exacerbated by strong winds. I went back on land and draped the towel around my head to shield my ears, and after a while I was fine again. I drank some tea and read a good chunk of the current book (which happens to be Terry Pratchett's Soul Music). I find I get a lot more reading done when I'm out by the lake. No distractions. I was also the only person there, so I lounged around naked, letting the sun and wind dry me off. It was just the right temperature for such things. After I put clothes back on, I took out the camera and snapped some photos of the two carnivorous plants that grow by the lake..

Common Butterwort:
Tettegras / Common Butterwort

and some kind of Drosera:
Soldogg (Drosera)

Adorable, aren't they?

And that's about it. Walked home, had dinner, am about to waste the rest of the day playing XCOM: Terror from the Deep. My team is raiding Alien Colony-2 at the moment. I love vibroblades. It's so satisfying to just walk up to an alien and STAB IT. Also saves me on ammunition, heh.
Tags: life in brosvika

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