Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Summer Vacation: Duty bound.


Today is going quite well. My aunt called me up yesterday and asked if I could babysit my grandfather so she could take my grandmother with her today, and having no other plans, naturally I agreed. I love making myself useful, and it's the sort of gig I usually get paid for; I gave my grandmother a list of fruits and vegetables I want, and if she gets those for me, that's all the payment I'll need. I need fresh foods badly. It's probably just my imagination, but I can feel the vitamins dwindling from my body with how I've been eating lately.

I woke up an hour earlier than I had planned. Played Okami a bit; no actual progress - I'm only missing one fish (Oarfish), but it just doesn't seem to show up. Got several more marlins, though. Not as if I need more money in that game.. I've already bought everything I could possibly want.

So, right before 10, I go down to the farm, see my grandmother off, and get ready for my grandfather's incessant repeating questions.. actually he's been pretty good today. Not repeating himself much, and only asked about his (dead for more than a decade) brother once. [why did LJ eat the end of that sentence?]

He gave all kinds of excuses for not accompanying me to get the mail. I wanted him to get out a bit - mainly I didn't want to leave him alone with my laptop - but he just wouldn't be persuaded. Anyway, mail! I got some tea in the mail today, that I had ordered from, just.. yesterday? [actually, evening of the 29th, so they must have shipped it yesterday] That was amazingly fast.

Dinner was an easy task as there were yesterday's leftovers to re-heat; I just added some moisture and a few fresh sugar snaps at the very end for a delightful meal. A while later, grandfather was getting perhaps a bit restless, looking outside, and I suggested we go for a short stroll and he agreed. Got him to go all the way to the mailboxes; I suggested we go up to my place to grab some ice cream, but he'd rather wait by the road. So I went up, and we sat on the grass, eating ice cream. As usual he consumed his rapidly, and I offered him half of mine as I didn't need those calories anyway.

He's been mostly quiet and reading newspapers the rest of the day. My aunt just called and said they'll be an hour late, though, making this a 10-hour shift for me. I sure hope they had strawberries and my grandmother didn't balk at the price. She was just about horrified to hear that I paid 45 kroner for the ones I got at Førde a week and a half ago, and she kept telling my grandfather to not have so many as if she were saving me money by restricting his access to the tasty morsels. I wanted to share them. I'd rather pay prices that Americans would consider extortion for strawberries than to not have strawberries at all.

I think cheap, plentiful, fresh produce is going to be my favorite part of living in the US once I move there.

So, yeah.. I'm good, but if I had the day off I'd have gone swimming instead. A bit sleepy.. didn't get enough, of course.

Phone call from mom. It was nice to talk to her again; it's been over a month now I think.
Wifi signal is rather weak here in my grandparents' living room. I keep getting disconnected. Half an hour or so until my duty is done.

Oh, and I chopped together this icon in GIMP in a few minutes. Drosera just wants a hug.
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