Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Life update.


Physical health: My diet is working quite well. I'm about down to what I weighed this time last year. At this rate I'll slip out of the BMI range of Overweight-but-not-obese and into "ideal" well before going to see aetherspoon this fall. Woo! And yes, BMI is a load of crap - but it saves me from posting my actual weight in numbers.
Wonder if I can keep it up. I've been practicing my discipline. Sometimes it's just so damn hard to not go on a snacking binge.

Since my metabolism is screwed up in the first place, I have not really been all that bothered by hunger, compared to before. I'm used to being always hungry. That could be a problem, though.. if I eat too little, I'll have no way of knowing that because I'm hungry regardless of whether I eat too little, just enough, or too much.
Pretty much, I'm just counting calories and adjusting portion sizes to a reasonable amount of calories for one meal. Some dishes, I eat less than half of now, compared to what I would before.

I have a daily "snack allowance" - typically an ice cream or small chocolate bar or something like that, plus a more generous amount of fruits.

I'm not really exercising all that much. Some days I only get out of the house to go check the mail. Still shedding excess weight.

Mental health: Doing well for the most part. Economy is good, despite some excessive spending recently, and while money doesn't make me happy, it makes me comfortable. And that does wonders for my mood.
Did feel some despair last night, though, with all the water leaking through the ceiling. And so close to my books and electronics too.

Knitting: Couldn't help myself, just had to cast on another Pomatomus the other day and now I'm almost done with the first sock. Just about memorized the pattern, except for the gusset and toe decreases.

Games: Playing XCOM: Terror from the Deep (on Chiron, using DOSBox). Had a classic moment last night.. I had taken control of a Tasoth soldier, and on the aliens' turn, one of them threw a grenade at the turncoat, and, not finding this sufficient, a Tentaculat swam in and killed it as well. Then at the end of the aliens' turn, the grenade detonated, killing the Tentaculat.

Vacation mode: Still about two weeks until mom will be here. Running low on some groceries; will try to make a trip Monday or Tuesday for grocery shopping. Though that requires me to be up early so I can hitch a ride with my aunt, and it does mean I have to spend the better part of the day in Eivindvik too. But that's not much of a problem. Getting up early is.

Other things: I looked under the bed today. Not nearly as bad as I had feared. Huge dustbunnies, lots of feathers from Odessa's victims, but no rotting shrew carcasses or anything of that sort.
Tags: games, health, knitting

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