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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
Help needed: Someone in the UK (OK maybe not) 
14th-Jul-2010 17:55
Retro gaming, Commodore 64, Forbidden Forest

I was just looking for stuff on eBay today, having just received my Elite II: Frontier, for the Amiga - sidetracking for a bit here: I loved that game. It was one of the very few games we actually owned, being dirty pirates back then. I think we got it as a bonus for subscribing to a computer magazine, which goes further to show that we pretty much didn't buy games back then. So there was the game - which was awesome by itself, and there was THE EXTRAS. Including a short book of short stories, titled Tales of Life on the Frontier. I read it and loved it. Fast forward a few years, and the game is in my brother's possession, and it gets stolen/lost from his storage unit, possibly an overzealous roommate cleaning out old crap, resulting in the loss of lots of floppy disks and other cool stuff.

So anyway. A few months ago I was on amazon, where I searched for "David Braben" and there was apparently a book titled "Further Stories of Life on the Frontier" - a sequel! And, today, I looked for the sequel to Frontier, "First Encounters" on eBay - and found out that Further Stories is part of the extras of First Encounters. So, I need to buy that game.

Problem: While there are three or four of the game available, only one ships outside of the UK. (I could not find any in the US, but I'm not sure eBay even lets me find items not available to me outside of the .co.uk site; if I go to www.ebay.com it just redirects me to global.ebay.com now.) Maybe it was only released in europe? Anyway.

The one that ships worldwide is quite pricey. More than I'd normally pay for a used game, and certainly more than I'd pay for a booklet I'll read in less than an hour.

I need someone in the UK to buy one of the not-so-expensive ones and then ship it over to me. I'll of course cover all expenses. I can paypal you the money even before you place a bid if you like. It's okay if you can't get to a post office to send it my way for a week or two, I'm not in a hurry to get it as long as I get it.

1 - the expensive one: Buy it Now for £44.99 +£10 shipping.
2 - a somewhat better offer, Buy it Now for £24.99 or make an offer
3 - cheap? - currently at £0.99, but has one bid, so someone else is interested.
4 - The Amiga version which I before today didn't even know existed. Doesn't matter, it still has the book included. Suspect less competition here.

To play, I'd probably prefer the PC version (strongly suspect the Amiga version does not have texture mapping and thus does not look as good), but the main point here is THE BOOK.

Anyone want to help me in this? :)

Edit: Well, the stories are easily available online.. but I still want to own the game and have the physical booklet.
14th-Jul-2010 16:23 (UTC)
Can you see this US eBay link? It says that it's factory sealed, so you'd think it has the book, although it doesn't mention it?
14th-Jul-2010 16:34 (UTC)
Clicking that link lets me see it, but ebay won't let me find it in a search.

And I used to complain about the fact that I couldn't set eBay to show me ONLY things available to me. Now I have the opposite problem! :P

The box art is completely unfamiliar to me, but the system requirements and the fact that it's published by GameTek tells me it's the right game. Since it's available to US people, I could probably get niichan to buy me one and hold onto until I next visit. Thanks for pointing it out to me. Looks like it's not so super rare as that one UK seller claimed.
14th-Jul-2010 16:48 (UTC)
Well, there are only two listings, even though that one says he has more than 10 unopened packages. It looks promising, although you might want to ask specifically about the book before you buy it, if that's the important part! There's no guarantee that the US version came with all the goodies. Good luck, though!
14th-Jul-2010 17:40 (UTC)
Honey, I can get you that PC one if you'd like... I also still have that copy of FFT I picked up in Tokyo for you, would give me a massive incentive to get off of my backside and send it to you!

14th-Jul-2010 18:07 (UTC)
Haha, I had just about forgotten about that one. At first I was all "but I bought FFT in the US years ago" before immediately afterwards remembering having asked you to get me the Japanese version so I could possibly make more sense of the first US translation.

Niichan has already ordered the US version of First Encounters for me, but we don't know if it includes all the extras that we know are in the European version, or if the game has been "translated" or not. So I say hold for now; if the US version turns out to be a disappointment, we can talk about working something out.

Though I'm far more used to American English than British English, I'm a bit of an Originality Snob and prefer to read things in the language they were originally written in, if it's one I know.

I actually never finished playing Grandia either. I should rip it and convert it to an eboot for my PSP so I can play it. My PSX still works, but I'm not sure I have more than one or two memory cards that still function. Plus no TV to hook it up to, but I assume it could go through the DigiWi so I could play on my lovely widescreen monitor, like I do with my Wii. I should try hooking up my PS2 and roll some katamaris again. I kind of miss playing those games.

I wonder when I'm actually going to have time to play all these games... I have so many books to read and I should be outside more during summer..

I want to send you something back as a thanks, whether you get me First Encounters or not.. I've grown pretty good at knitting socks. What size are your feet? :) And favorite colors? Not allergic to wool or anything, I hope. I just might have them ready by the start of winter with how much I'll procrastinate because of worry of not getting the size right. :P
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