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Too long for twitter.



Not quite enough sleep, woken up twice because the cat had caught a mouse and wanted to play with it, quite noisily, under my bed. Napped a bit around noon to catch up.

My weight has decreased a bit more. Only 2kg left to shed, and I'll no longer be considered overweight by people who swear by BMI as a measure of health (which it is not).

At last, a day with great weather, so I walked to the lake and went for a swim. It was lovely, I was alone, but the water was a tad cooler than I would have liked it to be. Still, it felt good to swim, and also great to sit on the sun-warmed stone, air-drying, drinking hot Bao Zhong tea and reading Terry Pratchett's Eric. Dragonflies flitting around, keeping the population of smaller and more annoying insects at bay. Pure peace and quiet. No cell phone signal. My paradise.

Changed into fresh clothes, feeling refreshed, enjoyed the walk home lots more than the trip there. Stopped to pick wild strawberries by the bridge.

I spotted a calico cat. Never seen her before. Unfortunately she was quite shy and ran away when I called out to her.

Regretted not bringing the camera a bit, but there wasn't much more space left in my backpack with a full change of clothing, towel, swimwear, thermos and book in there. I'm pretty sure I want my next camera to be a compact one.. I miss the ease of bringing my old camera with me everywhere, though, honestly my old camera sucks. All in all, there are more things about niichan's camera I like. Compact cameras have image stabilization too, right? What about a flip-out LCD? I *really* like that feature.

Back home, I stopped in at the farm first. Visited grandparents, shared tea, fed the feral cat, and my cousin helped me adjust the height of my bicycle seat, and oiled the chain for me as well. He tried to explain gears to me, but I don't feel any wiser for it. I think I'll just have to learn from experience. At least I get that the levers on the left side control the front gear and the ones on the right control the back gear. But which switch to pull to adjust up or down is a mystery to me still.
This too is progress, if just a tiny bit.

Yesterday I experienced an intense stabbing pain that I first thought was my uterus trying to kill me (it felt rather like the pains I used to have on my period back when I had that IUD), but upon further deliberation, I think I might have a kidney stone. It only lasted for about a minute, but it was at least an 8. I couldn't stand upright.
Nothing more of the sort since, though. Maybe it was my uterus trying to kill me. She hates me, and the feeling is mutual. :D
Tags: bicycle, camera, health: weight, life in brosvika, medical log

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