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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
One down, one to go. 
27th-Aug-2010 21:25
ginko with tea 1

I love my bank, I do. I didn't have to call about that issue, because they have a chat service available when logged in! A customer service person did some stuff behind the scenes and I filled out a form and it's all going to be taken care of without me having to speak to another person. (hopefully)

If I want my card blocked, I'm going to have to actually call, though. I think I'll do so at some point, just as a precaution, and I'll be monitoring my account more closely to see if there's any more shady business going on.

Now, about the issue of the external drive. I can either open the case (which would void the warranty if it wasn't already expired) and plug it in as an internal drive, or I can buy a new power supply that I'm not completely certain is the right kind, but it looks like it is and there's no other choice.

Option A, pros: doesn't cost anything, no wait.
  cons: I might break something. I'm getting the new drive I just ordered in the mail tomorrow and I can't use them both because Yoki can't handle more than two SATA drives. So while I could probably access the contents, I wouldn't be able to make regular use of the drive because that slot is going to be filled by another drive 3x the size of this one.

Option B, pros: Well, if that solves it, problem solved and everything is peachy!
  cons: if it doesn't solve it, waste of money. Costs money, even if not a whole lot. Have to wait for it to ship.
27th-Aug-2010 19:35 (UTC)
You're not going to break something important. The *worst* that could happen is that you might lose one of the smaller screws.

This is absolutely nothing to be stressed out about. :)
27th-Aug-2010 19:38 (UTC)
Also, it gives you an idea of how easy it is to deal with and, in the event you want to grab a bigger HD to throw in there, the exact knowledge on how to slap a 2 TB HD into the enclosure. :)
27th-Aug-2010 19:45 (UTC)
I feel a bit less scared now that I know what awaits me if I go that route.

Now it's mostly down to the issue that Yoki can only house two SATA drives and that I'd like to be able to use the external one.
27th-Aug-2010 19:48 (UTC)
Right, but it is a quick test that you can do to see if you need to go through with the power supply replacement. If the drive isn't functioning, you have a completely different issue and the enclosure still works.

Fun fact: The warranty on the enclosure is two years. Assuming that really is a green power drive inside of there, the warranty on the HD itself (which wouldn't be voided) is three. :)
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