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Hm, I don't have a music-related LJ icon. I'm afraid this post won't be as much use for my American friends, because to me, music has almost been synonymous with Spotify the past year. But I'm including links to videos on youtube where I've found them, because I don't want anyone to feel left out.

Anyone in the UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway or Finland want an invite, I still have a few left over.

So, here are (just some of the) artists/bands I have discovered thanks to Spotify:

The Fine Arts Showcase. Lots of songs of theirs have made it onto my playlists. If I were to say anything negative about them, it's that some of them sound very similar, so there's not that great a width in their style - but what they have, I'm enjoying immensely. And the lead singer's voice! Oh man, he can make me swoon. Check out Modern Love (youtube link), Chemical Girl (youtube link), For Those Who Dream With Open Eyes and You Knew I was Trouble From the Start

Leeni combines her lovely voice with 8-bit music she writes on her Gameboy (yes, really!). You can buy some of her stuff at
My favorites of hers are Perfection Interrupted, Evergreen and Headphones on your Heart (youtube link - warning: may cause seizures in people with epilepsy)

The Churchills seems to be yet another of those bands who have a fair amount of talent, but hasn't made it big, aren't on a major record label, and thus is doomed to obscurity. Check out Smile, The Odds of Winning and She Won't Let it Go for a taste.

Dar Williams chronicles the difficulty of growing up to be a woman in her song When I was a Boy (youtube link, live version)
When I first discovered it, I listened to it again and again and cried every time, because it was just so spot on. Pay close attention to the lyrics.

I stumbled across Steve Tilston by random happenstance. His song Speaking in Tongues quickly became my favorite, and later A Pretty Penny (youtube link, live acoustic version) and I really wanted you joined it on my playlist of the month. Quite different from most of the other music I listen to, and I can't quite put my finger on why I like it so much. But I like it.

Elizabeth & the Catapult has several lovely songs, in particular Golden Ink, Right Next to You and Race You (youtube link)

It took me quite a bit of time and effort to compile all those links, so I'd appreciate some feedback. Found a new favorite? Heard of any of these before? Got recommendations of your own? Music is for sharing!
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