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State of the Cat (and her caretaker)


I'm sleeping better. Not good, but better than abysmal.

Took Odessa to the veterinarian on Monday as planned. I was awake some ten minutes before my 6:30 alarm and got up. Didn't even get around to eating breakfast, but I did make tea. Took the school bus to the ferry lane, where I had to wait about half an hour for the ferry. Across the fjord, another roughly half an hour of waiting, and I was on the boat to Bergen. Finally, I had the chance to get some food. But they only had one food item that didn't have ham in it - a shrimp sandwich. So I got that and shared a few shrimp with Odessa. She was a lot less excited about it than she would normally have been, but she ate them.

The trip was largely uneventful. There was a cute little girl who was very interested in Odessa, and I let her pet the cat a little - Odessa agreed to this too. There was also an English-speaking lady who asked me about the cat.

Arrived in Bergen, and after a bit of walking I realized I don't remember how to get to the veterinarian. Oops. And no internet-enabled cell phone. But I did remember going up a steep hill and managed to navigate my way without any significant loss of time.

Had to wait a couple of hours before the veterinarian could see us - Mondays are the worst days for drop-in visits because that's when people come in with all the non-emergency issues that cropped up during the weekend. I had called ahead to let them know I was coming and that I had to be done by four to catch the boat home, though.

Odessa was examined and had some urine and blood taken. The urine test looked uncomfortable - stabbed in the bladder with a syringe. Ew. For the blood test, she had to have a large patch on her throat/chest area shaved off. My kitty is not in the best of health. There was something about her heart too.. elevated heart frequency? They needed to keep her at the clinic for a while, so I went out shopping in the mean time, though, it wasn't much of a shopping trip compared to my regular excursions. I went straight to Marken where I ordered a falafel - haven't had one since the last time I was in Bergen, 11 months ago. Then I visited Kattens Vern, where I bought a new cat carrier bag (because the current carrier is large and bulky and doesn't fit inside my large backpack even when disassembled) and a cat toy (mainly to support the organization - and for some variety). I gave them the one cat toy I had finished up on the boat, too.

Next I visited some import food stores looking for Lung Ching, but they were all out. Got some other teas instead. I vaguely remember that it was impossible to get Lung Ching some fall in the past as well - the person who imports it goes away on summer vacation and no new goods get imported, and stocks run out. Or something like that. I am so going to stockpile next spring.

Back to the vet office, Odessa had been diagnosed with an urinary tract infection and was prescribed antibiotics (for 20 days) and that painkiller she got last time, the one that she loves. I also had to buy some special prescription diet to help her deal with her problems - I had planned to buy some food anyway. And I have to bring her in for a follow-up appointment later. Stopped by a pharmacy on the way to pick up her meds. Got temporarily disorientated and didn't know which way to the boat, but forced back my panic and asked a stranger on the street for directions. One block in the direction they pointed, and I knew where I was again. Made it to the boat with just a few minutes to spare.

Once on the boat, I noticed that Odessa had peed in her travel cage. Poor kitty.. I did offer her to use the travel litterbox on the way to Bergen, but she wasn't interested then (last trip she used it). The blankets absorbed it rather well and it didn't stink much.

Ate the rest of my falafel on the boat, so I didn't have to buy food again.

Got to Rysjedalsvika, where the quay is only big enough to accommodate two ships; the boat from Bergen and the boat to Bergen, so the ferry was lying off the dock.. I was so sure that it would come back to pick up people, but then it just drove off. I was all "what?!" and "uh, so when's the next one? In TWO HOURS?!"
But apparently there was some misunderstanding there - a woman from the other boat was also supposed to be on that ferry, and she had notified the crew of that, so it was supposed to have come back. Turns out it didn't come back because there were no more cars waiting, but the guy working there called up the ferry and it turned back to get us. Yay! And now I know for future reference that I may need to notify the crew if I am trying to make a transfer. Talked a bit with this fellow passenger and she offered me a ride home, even. Turns out she knows my aunt and uncle, but didn't know who I was. It was a nice change of pace to be able to introduce myself personally - usually when I meet someone here, they already know who I am.

Back home, Odessa really dug into her new food. Maybe she senses that it has things she needs in it.

But now she's got really runny excrement. That happened once before with a sudden change in diet too, so.. I don't know what I should do about it. I really hope it isn't a reaction to the meds. Maybe just stress. If the next one isn't better, I'll call the vet and ask.

And this morning she tried to skip out on her meds, and got it two hours later than I had scheduled it for. She doesn't like the pill.. maybe it's a different one than she got last time, because she ate that one willingly.

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