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Things going on.


The vet called me back with Odessa's blood test results: She has feline hyperthyroidism. More medication and a follow-up visit in 2-3 weeks.

Odessa is acting odd around the litterbox: she pees in the box, but craps over the edge. (Having a wax tablecloth cover a significant area around the box was a great idea!) But at least now her excretions are no longer liquid, merely soft. Maybe she'll behave better once I clean things up a bit.

Yesterday I dug up most of my potatoes and had some of them for dinner. Today I picked a few plums. Yay homegrown foods! I'll plant more potatoes next year; I only have enough for about two more meals.

My grandfather turned 90 this Saturday. Had a mostly good time at the party, but it was also very stressful. Too many people. It was of course nice to see cousins and aunts and uncles, but then there are all those people I have no idea who they are and even if they introduce themselves by name, I'll have forgotten them two minutes later. And the sound of everyone talking at once and I can't handle that level of auditory stimulation. Had to go outside several times for some fresh air, quiet, and knitting.
It was nice to see my arch niece again. She's adorable, and very interested in my knitting. She's only two years old, though, so I don't think I can teach her the craft just yet. My aunt M said she really liked my socks (my first Pomatomus) and would like a pair like that for christmas, but wasn't decided on a color.

I might not be in Norway for giftmas this year. Briefly we were entertaining the idea of taking my vacation early, but then Odessa got sick and I need her to get well before I can go anywhere for an extended time. Anyway, Pomatomus are addicting and I can crank out a pair in about a week I think. I only need to look at the pattern for the heel and the start of toe decreases; the rest I have memorized.

I haven't been reading or knitting much the past 2-3 weeks. I'm knitting cat toys again, but my current sock pair is stalling lots due to unfamiliar architecture and pattern not turning out so well and argh, the numbers won't add up.

The weather has been great lately; a bit cold, but crisp and fresh (like the perfect apple - oi, I haven't played Animal Crossing for a year and I still remember most of those cheesy lines), and yet I haven't been out much. I'm also not eating as well as I could, leaning more towards quick and easy products rather than real food, the kind you have to spend some time and effort to turn into a meal. This is in part because my kitchen is rather cluttered and I just don't feel like both cleaning AND cooking. Have also not tried out the new tea board or the fancy new teas yet, for the same reason. I just don't have the space to rig it all up.

Working on it...
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