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So I went to Bergen today, for Odessa's follow-up visit to the veterinarian. And then back again. As I boarded the boat, I told a member of the crew that I had a connection at Rysjedalsvika, and the guy said he'd make sure the message was passed along. The boat was running a few (4 or 5) minutes late, so when we got to Rysjedalsvika - surprise! The ferry had already left. Next one was 2 hours and 10 minutes later. When the ferry finally came back for its last trip for the day, I complained about this and was told they never received such a message. Crew of Solundir, you suck. That was just plain mean. It'd have been okay if I had my laptop and a phone I could tether, tea, and not a cat who is confused at having to wait an extra two hours at an unfamiliar location. I sent a text message to twitter from my phone to update the world about my situation, but now that I'm home and online, I see it didn't make it through (yet?). Bloody useless.

Having been up since morning and walking around all day and carrying lots of stuff and having to deal with the cat, I am beyond tired.

Good news: Odessa's urine test shows no trace of the UTI, so the antibiotics did their job.
Potential bad news: There's a possibility of some kidney issue, but we won't know until the results of the blood test come back (~1 week).
Tags: fjord1 fails, odessa

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