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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
1st-Nov-2010 16:26
ginko with tea 3

Today I watched my uncle dismember a deer carcass. It was kind of gross, but also interesting. I saw the bullet holes. One rib had been shattered from the projectile. The smell of death being released as the knife cut into the flesh. I thought to myself, "Tofu is looking mighty appealing right now" but I know that if I'm invited over for a venison dinner, hell yeah I'll be there. It's delicious.
But most of us don't like to think of where it came from, and how.

Similarly gross (but on a much smaller scale) - Odessa caught three mice last night. She ate two and a half of them.
1st-Nov-2010 17:00 (UTC)
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