Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking



Today: Got Odessa's meds in the mail. (called the mail people to make sure they were not leaving the package behind in Dingja, where I can't go to pick it up due to lack of transportation)
Tomorrow or Wednesday: trip up Såta (only days without rain this week, if the forecast is accurate).
Thursday: Someone is coming around to look at the house and determine its value, as my aunt and uncle have complained that the property tax is too high; this place is definitely not worth a million NOK with its leaky roof, mold damage, uneven floors, horribly outdated electrical system, etc. So I should be at home and probably tidy up a bit too.

Unknown dates: Get resupplied with Pill Pockets as I'm running out tomorrow. Receive phone call with results from Odessa's last blood test, along with possible instructions about change in the dosage of her meds.

Next week:
Monday: to hospital in Førde for routine examination.
Tuesday: Delivering Odessa to the person who will take care of her while I'm gone.
Wednesday: Traveling to Bergen, hopefully getting some sleep.
Thursday: Up at around 3 AM to go to the airport, etc.
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