Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

travel update


I had a nice start to my day. Woke up earlier than I had to, but not by too much. Actually don't remember waking up during the night. My morning went by at a leisurely pace, and I had just shut down my computers and unplugged my stuff when the taxi arrived. Had a nice chat with the driver on the way to Sollibotn.
Then the credit card reader in the taxi couldn't make a connection to the bank, and while I had *enough* cash on me, we couldn't make change. Instead of charging my card later, as they usually do, the driver just gave me her account number and told me to just do a normal bank transfer whenever I had the opportunity. I can't imagine that happening anywhere else. It's a perk of living out here where everyone knows me: Because everyone knows me, I am easily accountable for my actions and that makes it possible to have that sort of trust.

The boat ride down to Bergen was pleasant. Fjordtroll was the name of the ship, and it had power outlets at about every third seat row, so I had no problem hooking up my laptop, and it also had free wi-fi. Things like that make travel so much more pleasant. Of course, due to terrain the 'net connection wasn't the most stable, but I think I only peered from IRC once. The food they sell aboard is fairly good too, which is a plus since I hadn't bothered with breakfast.

Walked around Bergen a bit, easily located Marken Gjestehus, where I have stayed once before (also night-before-flight). It's nice here. Good atmosphere. Nothing too fancy, but very nice for its price and location. The reception is not manned at night, though, so be careful that you don't leave your room without your card key at night. (this was not a problem for me, but I worry about things like that)

The place offers free wi-fi, but sometime shortly after the reception closed last night, the DNS server went down, and I have not tried reconnecting to the network out of fear that I might not be able to reconnect to IRC. So friends on IRC have been resolving some IP addresses for me that I have added to my hosts file so I have some basic 'net functionality. Yay persistent connections!

Slept some, was awake for a while, slept some more.. got up about half an hour earlier than I had planned to, so I have time to write this. And tea. Why didn't I bring any of my small tea filters? I'm drinking tea with the leaves floating free in the cup now. The only teabags I brought were herbal tea ones.. probably because I don't use teabags for real tea.

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