Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Oblivion Oddities


So I was chasing a bunch of deer, just because it's fun, and then one of them fell over dead for no apparent reason. Niichan explained that because the slope I was chasing it down was just steep enough, it took falling damage and died. Deer do not have a lot of hit points.

I was sneaking up on some people (bandits), they saw me and started attacking, but I was up on a rock and they couldn't reach me with their melee weapons. They just kept trying to attack me. I pulled out my bow and picked off one of them before I ran out of arrows. Then I jumped down and beat up the other one. Seriously, why didn't they think of going around the other side of the rock?

Apparently drinking ale makes you temporarily stronger. For a while. So I had drunk some ale to be able to carry more, and was running around the countryside when the inebriation effect wore off. My character looked like she just tripped and fell on her face before getting up and being unable to move due to being over-encumbered.

Have been laughed at a few times for getting over-encumbered from picking mushrooms and flowers.

Then there was a root in the ceiling of a mine that was just twitching around due to a bug in the physics engine. It looked very creepy and wouldn't stop thrashing around even if I punched it.

City guards are actually useful. If you are being followed by an enemy and reach the safety of a city, the guards will (try to) dispatch the villains, be they monsters or bandits. In fact even some civilians will try to help out. In this one event, I was chased by a bandit archer, and a guard and civilian engaged her in combat - they got a bit hurt in the fight and had arrows sticking out of them. The guard had two arrows going into his groin area, and I could see the arrow tips poking out of the back. Ouch. The civilian also had a couple of arrows sticking out of her, but she just went back to sleep in her outdoors bedroll. Um...

Have now learned a spell to heal people other than myself, so I can heal these people who keep helping me out when I get in over my head and have to run away.

Got so absorbed in playing Oblivion today that I forgot to wish my sister a happy birthday. And now it's 5 AM back home. Oops.
Tags: oblivion

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