Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

One week since my last post.


Not long until I head back to Norway now. Still enjoying myself here, yet also eager to get back to my regular life. Still playing Oblivion for long stretches of time.

Going through customs when I get back is going to be interesting. I'll have over twice the value of merchandise I'm allowed to bring in without paying any taxes. Oops. Oh well; I'll just declare it and pay what I am supposed to. It is still cheaper than buying the same items in Norway.

In knitting progress, I've started decreasing on niichan's hat. Not entirely pleased with the method I am using, but others were too complicated and the instructions were for working back and forth and not in the round and I couldn't figure out what to change to make it right. Also, looks like the hat will be a tad short. Oh well. I could probably pick up some stitches along the edge and make ear flaps.

Once I have my new computer up and running, I am going to need to set myself a schedule of things other than Oblivion that needs to be done. Even if I feel hungry and think 'oh, I should eat something,' I spot some mushroom to pick or an area that looks interesting and quickly forget about the real world again.

Oh, and my birthday was pretty good. I got myself a new camera, the Canon G12: a compact camera with a flip-out LCD screen. I really grew fond of that feature of niichan's camera that I had borrowed for the past year and a half, but I really missed the small size of my old crappy camera, and would sometimes not bring his camera with me due to how heavy it was. So I could probably have gotten a better camera, but this one has most if not all of the features I really want.

I'll hold off on buying my new cell phone until I'm actually back home again. I'll be keeping my current phone number. My phone bill is going to be... five or six times what it is now? Well, I do have a ridiculously cheap plan right now. But I'm going to need a data plan.

Lastly, I am still terrible about replying to people. I should have replied to mom's email about a month ago.. *sigh*
Maybe I'll just call one morning. Problem is, by the time I'm awake enough, it'll be rather late back in Norway.
Tags: vacation

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