Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Damage report


Water damage in the bathroom. Unknown how serious. Shower battery (I think that's the term) had burst; it has been replaced.

Water pressure is really low.. but at least I have running water, both hot and cold, though I can't shower like this.

When I turned on Beta UPS, the power supply to my DigiWi crackled and died. So now I can't use my Wii. (I need that thing because I do not have a TV, only a monitor. It converts the wii video to HDMI, which my monitor accepts)

Yoki bluescreened twice, and I think it was the fifth boot he would finally let me into windows. Lots of errors, master file table corrupted, you name it.
May I note that all of my stuff was unplugged the entire two months I was gone, and everything is plugged into an UPS or at least a surge protector? Yeah.. On the other hand, I do not have grounded outlets except in the kitchen and bathroom.

Odessa is okay. It didn't take her long to feel at ease, she's been rubbing up to me a lot and even purring a bit.

This entry may be updated, particularly after I finish unpacking my luggage.
Tags: vacation: aftermath

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