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Unplanned new cat


On Thursday, March the 24th, as I was walking home from Rutledal, I met a cat. This cat followed me home, over a distance of around 2 kilometers. I fear I may have inadvertently snatched someone else's pet, though. This cat is far too tame.

At first I thought it was Lillepus - they really look a lot alike. But after I got the kitty home and got a closer look, I realized this is a she-cat. Anyway, I've fed her and she slept with me in my bed. I left her at home while I went with my grandmother to Eivindvik the following day. Later in the day, after I had been at home with her for a while, I opened the window and offered her the option of going out, but she wasn't interested.

Maybe she's an indoor cat who accidentally got out? She's very calm and quiet. Used to using a litterbox. Voracious appetite. I suspect she might be pregnant, but if she is, it's too early to tell for absolutely sure, but part of me are going "OMG Kittens!" and.. well, I don't know. I'll try to get a 'cat found' poster up within a few days, I guess, though I'd really like to keep this cat for a while. I get the feeling she's never going to become my cat, but I just need to have her here with me for a while.

--that part of the entry above has been stewing for a few days now. I'm really terrible about getting info out in a timely manner, unless it's on IRC. Those of you who follow me on flickr might have seen her photo already. Here it is again anyway:

guest kitty

I put up a 'cat found' ad on with this photo, and yesterday I got a call from a lady in Bergen who thought it might be her cat. She sent me a photo of her cat, and I must say the similarities were striking, to the point where she felt she had to come up here and see for herself to be sure. So she came over this morning, and for the longest time neither of us were sure, but eventually concluded that no, it most likely wasn't her cat - the biggest indicator being that the cat did not seem to recognize her at all. Can a traumatic event do that to a cat?
I'm a bit sad. I think we both really wanted it to be her cat.. but alas, it was not to be. Her search for her cat continues, and my search for this kitty's home must go on. In an effort to be absolutely sure, I called the local vet and asked if she had a microchip reader, because this lady's cat is microchipped - I have been trying to feel for one on this cat, but have not been able to sense one. The vet didn't have the reader with her in her car, but I think she said she could come by this afternoon. Well, she didn't. And when I tried to call back some time after I thought she should have been here, I got the other vet on the phone instead, and I really didn't want to talk to him after last time; I deliberately did not introduce myself, but, oh, who doesn't have caller ID these days? I'm sure he doesn't even remember me, not having spoken with me since November when he took a blood sample from Odessa and I never got the results back, the bastard, even if everything was fine I still need to know that so I can stop worrying. I knew I wouldn't be up to calling him back to bother him about it (especially with me being in the US shortly after and the time zone difference compounding the matter of me being scared of calling at a bad time). That's why I asked him for his email address. And I did send him off a mail asking about the results when it had been over a week. He never replied. What sort of a person does that? I think I might even have told him that it would be very difficult for me to re-initiate contact out of the blue - that is why, when he was first here to vaccinate Odessa, we agreed on a date and time where it would be convenient for me to call him and schedule the booster shot and blood sample. And after that it was supposed to be 'when the results come in' and.. really? What happened? I want to know, but it hurts so much to even think about anything regarding Odessa still.

Adding to my stress, Anatim (my desktop computer) is developing new issues, notably USB ports apparently dying. Very inconvenient when mouse and keyboard both are USB-based. Happened last night. I switched the devices to the front USB ports last night and they worked. This morning the computer seemed to just freeze - no response to any input and I noticed the clock had stopped moving (unlike last night, where everything seemed to be fine except I couldn't do any input)

But Oblivion is no longer crashing on equipping items or loading saves like it had started doing a few days ago! I don't think I even changed anything.. it just got better. I'm sure it'll find some other arbitrary event to start crashing frequently on soon enough.

So, plans for now...
* Call vet again on Monday (doubt I can get a vet to do anything non-emergency on a weekend without paying dearly for it, and getting a chip reading is not an emergency).
* Get a better suited cat food. I'll have to travel to either Bergen or Førde to get kitten/queen food - so that is a day I won't be getting a visit from the vet, as it's a day trip for me.
* Work on getting a poster made and put up in public places, in case it's a local cat. (Have already told several people, even ones I don't know well at all, in hopes of spreading the word.)

I don't know what else I could do. I'd like the vet to examine the cat a bit while she's here anyway, because the kitty has been sneezing and coughing a bit, and seems rather lethargic. And she's heavier now than when I first found it, so definitely pregnant. Going to have to prepare for the arrival of kittens.
And I have no idea how I'll deal with that whole situation where I can't live at home for two months while they are doing repairs (of which I have still not received a date for when repairs will happen). I had planned to go visit my mother during part of those two months, but if I have a cat and kittens then I really can't leave them. I need to be there for them during the critical stage so they can get properly socialized and have a better chance of getting adopted.

Guest kitty has been outside several times since coming here, but she never seems to stray far from the house, and she tends to come when called for. Maybe not the indoors-cat "But the outside is scary!" type, then.
Tired. Today has been a bit emotionally draining. I apologize for the lack of grammar structure while ranting; I just needed to get it out and not spend three days editing it.

That this entry is posted on April the 1st is purely coincidental.
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