Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

And then my life briefly turned into a bad soap opera.


So the guest kitty has been missing for over 48 hours now. Of course last night I was put in touch with her owner. If I didn't have such trouble sleeping, I might have been with my grandmother on that trip to Eivindvik and had spoken with her myself. Here's the thing: My grandmother gave her my number, and *she didn't call*. If she'd have called right away, she'd had her cat back by now. And now the cat is (hopefully) out there somewhere. No one had told me anything, but when I visited my grandmother last night she told me about this, and called up the owner for me. Why wasn't I told before?. I'm so frustrated with this lack of communication. I'm frequently guilty of it myself, but I know that and usually make sure to mention this to people so they'll know that they shouldn't wait around for me to contact them if they have something to tell me.

We agreed that whoever finds the cat first will call the other. I just hope the cat turns up again. Odd for her to take off like that and not come back. Worried about her. I'm perfectly fine with giving her back; it shouldn't be very hard to get a replacement cat, and if I can't have Odessa, it doesn't matter much which cat I have. But after having Nusse here for a month, I'd prefer a short-haired cat. :P
Tags: cats

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