Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Still alive, but not so much on the 'doing science' front


The past week has been crappy with some peaks of 'okay'. I don't sleep well at all. I'm constantly tired, often dizzy (have finally booked an appointment with my doctor, but there were no available slots before the 10th).

Work on the cabin is progressing nicely, and I've been taking photos almost daily. Will get around to uploading them sometime soon, hopefully. Now that I can't play Oblivion, I've been doing a lot of reading and knitting, both which are helping me feel better. The weather has been utterly unpleasant almost the entire time, so I have not been outdoors much. The one day we had lovely sunshine for about two hours, I only managed to sit in the garden and read for a while. It's something, at least.

I miss the quiet I've become accustomed to at home, and I miss having a cat. I somewhat miss playing Oblivion, but not too much.

Need alone time. I don't like living with my grandmother because I see all these signs of how she is deteriorating. Not rapidly, but she is getting more forgetful and stumbles a bit more often, things like that. I don't like being reminded of it all the time.
Tags: health, life in brosvika

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