Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Suddenly, summer.


And then suddenly it was summer, as if it had been so all along. After weeks of rain and clouded skies, summer arrived in full force. Blinding light, burning heat where direct sunlight [direct? It has to pass through the atmosphere first..] falls on exposed skin.

Yet I feel weak and tired. The things I want to do seem so out of reach of my physical abilities. I did walk to Rutledal and back again yesterday, and I was so tired. Slept for the better part of the twelve hours I spent in bed.

It must be too cold yet to go swimming, I think. Another week of weather like this, though, and it would be a possibility. I don't wear out my energy the same way with swimming - if I am tired, I can just lie there, floating, and it doesn't cause any discomfort that I sweat.

It's worldwide knit in public week, and I have nothing on the needles, having recently finished a pair of socks and a hat, and still in the planning phase of my next pair of socks. So I haven't knit for a few days now. I might go back up to my place and grab some cheaper, multi-colored sock yarn and just knit another plain pair - the kind I can just improvise, and if I do both socks at the same time I won't even have to keep notes.

I've been reading a lot, though. Yesterday I started on Margaret Atwood's "The Blind Assassin", which I borrowed from the library boat at some point. It's huge; over 500 pages, and I don't bring it with me places I go due to its size. I'm almost a quarter into it so far and loving it - might buy it for my kindle some time. That would make it more portable, and I can search for those half-remembered quotes.

Am I even going to be here when the library boat returns? Probably not.. I'll likely be in the United States again.

There's television taking up some of my time too. Last night I watched the first episode of "The no. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency", which I found wonderful. Half an hour into it I found myself thinking "I must read the books.."
I adored the characters. Strong and sincere women.. and they got some gorgeous actresses to portray them too.

Tonight I'll be watching TV again - they're showing "The Kite Runner", which I have read - another book I borrowed from the library boat. I wonder if they were able to do the story justice? So many movies fall short of the books they were adapted from.

Meanwhile, at my place, nothing has happened for days as it is Pentecost - the aftershock of Easter, as I've come to think of it. Separation of church and state, please! Why is this even a national holiday when almost no one knows the meaning of it? Because of this, I couldn't have blood drawn at my doctor appointment on Friday because it was too late in the day and the long weekend would spoil the sample. I really do think there is something wrong with me; something the blood can tell. New attempt on Thursday in a week and a half.
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