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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
Early-morning bovine rescue mission 
1st-Sep-2011 06:45
Cow on a hill

As some of you know, I live next door to a dairy farm. At certain times during the summer, I have cows grazing a short distance from where I sleep. They're usually not much bother. Some noise, slight elevation of number of flies (haven't noticed that this year - maybe I have a sufficient spider population), the usual.

This morning at around 05:15, I was woken by an upset mother cow. After listening for a minute or so, I judged that she wasn't about to shut up, so I got dressed and went out to see what the emergency was. Her calf was gone. After looking around for a while, I found him. He'd gone under the fence and slipped down into the roadside ditch, out of his distressed mama's reach.

Early-morning bovine rescue mission

It took some time before I finally managed to get him to stand up.

Early-morning bovine rescue mission

He still needed lots of help to get him back where he belonged, and he wasn't very cooperative. But I eventually got him reunited with his mama, who immediately calmed down.

Early-morning bovine rescue mission

How was your morning?
1st-Sep-2011 05:00 (UTC)
ÅH! Så sött! Du er dagens helt, Ragnhild!

Min morgen.. jeg er på jobb og syr bamser. Du kan snart lese mer om det på bloggen min. :P
1st-Sep-2011 05:05 (UTC)
Nothing as awesome as rescuing calves!
1st-Sep-2011 05:33 (UTC)
Not nearly as adorable as yours, I will admit.
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