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I'm not lost, I just don't know where I'm going.
But I'm determined to enjoy the journey.
New guest kitty. 
11th-Sep-2011 22:00
Cats glow in the Dark

Last night I saw a familiar-looking cat in my garden. With food and patience, I managed to eventually lightly touch the cat, and seeing my chance, I grabbed it and took it inside. I was fairly sure it was the same cat I had visiting for a month this spring...

but upon closer examination, this is a boy. And much smaller than what I assume must be his mother, because she was probably pregnant when she suddenly left me, and that makes this cat 4 months and up to 12 additional days old. He's certainly small enough to be that age.

So, to the best of my knowledge, he was born in the wilds, by a tame mother. I've been in touch with the mother's owner. I'm free to keep this half-feral if I want to, but of course I can't. I'm leaving the country in two weeks. But I want to do the best I can for him while I can.

How do you tame a half-feral cat? He's been hiding under my bookshelf almost the entire time. I stick food under there for him, and he eats it. Apart from the bites and scratches I received during my surprise capture of him, he hasn't attacked me, though he'll frequently hiss at me when I intrude on his secret hiding place. I can pull him out from there, I can hold him and pet him for a little bit. If I bring him over to the food, he'll eat, then slink back into hiding. I have no clue if his mama trained him to bury his excrement. I've put out a litterbox for him, but I doubt he'll dare come out of hiding to go use it.

Due to the repairs on my place STILL NOT BEING DONE after 3 months 18 days (out of an estimate of 2 months), my place is a mess and I don't have the space I'd have liked to devote to a kitty area.

I have not smelled anything bad yet. Maybe he's constipated. He's been here for about 24 hours now. He has a bit of a cough, just like his mother had (I treated hers with penicillin and she got better). Other than that and being very skinny, he looks healthy.
11th-Sep-2011 23:53 (UTC)
Good luck with your guest! If you can get your hands on him, then he is already far more tame than a full feral cat. I feed random feral cats in the area if I see them, but they never let me come anywhere near.
12th-Sep-2011 10:19 (UTC)
Yeah, we have a feral cat who comes around for food almost every day. We've been feeding him for years and I know he'll never let me touch him, though he's confident enough to come within a yard of me now, if food is involved. It hurts a little to know he doesn't trust me despite me only showing him kindness for over three years. He's even seen me pet other cats. Sometimes I think he wants to be my cat, but he just doesn't dare.

Semi-feral boy seems to be getting more angry at me, since I've confined him to the bathroom. He refuses to come out from under the shower cabinet, and the one time I forced him out he bit me. I fear he may be too old to fully tame, and maybe the best I can do for him is get him neutered and let him be an outdoors cat, feeding him like I do the feral.

If only his mama had trusted me enough to have her kittens here.. he'd be housetrained, socialized and maybe adopted out to his forever home by now.

And I only have two weeks to try to help him, and he's getting more aloof.
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