Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

More stress!


* Cat rescue people have still not responded to my email from two days ago. This is what I get for having anxiety about calling people I don't know.

* Because I waited this long before booking my room in Bergen (partially because I was considering coming down a day early if that worked better for the person I'd be handing the cat over to, if such a plan could be made), the hostel I always stay at have run out of single rooms. I now risk having to share a room with up to three strangers. I have been put on a waiting list for a single room in case someone cancels.

* The electrician was over yesterday and I now have hot water again, but I don't have hot water in the shower. This is odd.. did the plumbers hook up two coldwater pipes by accident? Also, if I turn it all the way up in the direction of 'hot', the water pressure drops significantly. On 'cold' it is still a bit low, but usable.

* aetherspoon's job made him work so ridiculously late he's exhausted and won't be around to offer organizational and emotional support until much later today.

And I still have tons of cleaning to do. At least I have hot water on tap now, and the washing machine is hooked up and working. But I still can't take a hot shower at home. I was afraid I'd be proven right about that.
Tags: cats, life in brosvika, vacation

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