Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

is this... boredom?

I haven't been bored for years, but right now, having hours to wait for a bus and nothing to knit... I think I am bored.

Also hungry, because nothing is open on Sundays in Norway. Will have to eat out. Would have preferred to just get something from a grocery store, but they are all closed.

The reason I am without knitting is the security bastards at Schiphol. They cut the tips off my lovely knitpicks 3mm circular needle and absconded with them. So that sock pair won't become anyone's giftmas present. I'd be well into the second sock by now if they hasn't delighted so much in abusing their power.
Last year, on November the 18th, I had needles with me that were near identical (just 2.75mm instead), and they didn't care. Maybe they just don't care so much for flights to the US.
I have tried searching for this document that says you can't bring knitting needles on a plane out of Schiphol, but so far google has failed me. I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't exist, or was a Dutch-only PDF buried deep within some website. I am considering filing a complaint, but I know I don't have the energy to do that.
Just heard back from my aunt. She is not available to give me a ride, so I'll have to take the boat instead.. which means it'll be dark well before I get home. At least there is free wifi on the boat, but I have internet on my phone anyway. And 4 hours from having to check out of the hostel to boarding the boat. I also don't have any cash to put my luggage in storage while I go someplace to eat, etc. Definitely don't want to lug around all of this for four hours.
Tags: airports & why they suck, flying, vacation

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