Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

First update of the year, and it's already well into February.



Skyrim addiction: Defeated. I haven't played in eight days and I don't miss it all that much. No real reason why I stopped playing; I've just been doing other things.

I'm making slow progress on decluttering and cleaning my home. There's no way it'll look presentable before I have company, regardless of who that might be.

I've been knitting more. Currently on the needles is a custom pair of socks for my grandmother, which I've lost enthusiasm for, but will try to continue on soon, and a new pair of Jaywalkers, which is coming along nicely. Other than that, so far this year I've knit a gorgeous and lovely warm scarf (which unfortunately sheds like a certain orange tabby I know), and two pairs of plain thick wool socks which are sure to come in handy this winter.

I'm hopefully getting to the end of the mouse population soon. I think I've killed nine now, since buying new traps a few weeks ago. But I noticed when checking the trap today that the bait was gone, so another mouse must have come along and eaten it after the latest casualty set off the trap. I'll get them all eventually. They are stupid and don't learn that the trap is deadly. I don't feel the least bit guilty for killing them. They caused quite a bit of damage here in my absence. I'm so glad I keep all my yarn in hard plastic totes. My teas did not fare as well - mice chewed through the soft plastic bag and ruined two previously-unopened bags of tea. Somewhat expensive tea, too. And they've urinated on things. Vermin.
Tags: knitting, life in brosvika

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