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I have a real, from-my-own-life post coming up, but I've had writer's block. So here's some social commentary. Saw this on Postsecret this morning.

You are a bad parent. You obviously don't love your daughter if you don't consider her a human being with bodily autonomy. If she does those things, there is still just one factor that decides whether or not she is raped: The presence of a rapist, and his decision to rape her.

Sure, by doing those things she makes herself vulnerable. But we all know from our role-playing games that being vulnerable to magic means nothing if you never meet an enemy wizard.

Most* rapists choose their victims based on how easy it is to get away with it. They pick the woman or girl who is too drunk to offer resistance, or the one who was flirting with them earlier, when she was still mostly sober, so they can claim it was consensual and no one would believe her when she said it was not. The woman dressed "like a slut" because obviously she went out to get laid that night, never mind the fact that she has the right to choose with whom.

The woman who takes every precaution, who doesn't drink excessively, stays with a group of trusted friends, doesn't dress provocatively or attempt to have any kind of social interaction with a guy she doesn't intend to sleep with, she has not prevented rape. She may or may not have prevented her own rape in that the rapist, if present, decides she is too high of a risk and selects a more vulnerable victim. Rapists still rape, no matter what women do.

This rape culture of blaming the victim lets rapists get away with it, to rape again.
And you, postcard writer, are complicit.

* my assumption, no statistics to back this up.
Tags: rape culture, social commentary

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