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Vacation! Still haven't written the post on the last guest kitty.


aetherspoon is visiting me for three weeks. Arrived Sunday morning. We both left our homes Saturday, I spent the night in Bergen while he was still in transit. Met up at the airport Sunday morning, went back to the hostel (Marken Gjestehus as usual) for shower and a nap, and then visited Kattens Vern to meet the kitties. Photos were taken; I haven't reviewed them yet.

Monday morning we checked out of the hostel, stashed our luggage at Strandkaiterminalen and spent the next four or so hours enjoying Bergen before taking the boat up to Sollibotn where I had arranged for a taxi to pick us up. My aunt was not available to drive us, and I really didn't want the hour-and-a-half extension of the trip that comes with going by Rysjedalsvika and Rutledal (where we could have gotten a ride).

Before leaving Bergen we visited Fløibanen (which I've been on two or three times before, but over a decade ago), but unfortunately could not go with my first choice of Ulriken (which I've never been on before) as the bus schedule/driver's break was unfortunately timed and I was not sure we'd make it back to the boat in time for departure. However, we're planning to spend all of three nights together in Bergen for the return trip so we can do more stuff.

We inquired at Marken about how far in advance we should book our room and it turned out they were already fully booked for the last night before aetherspoon's flight back. But they referred us to another hotel that is a bit of a price increase, but a somewhat higher standard. I think we can afford that.

Haven't done all that much together yet, other than assembling a couch from IKEA. It sort of looks like it takes up half the living room when it's all folded out. Photos soon, maybe.
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