Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Life Plans of the short term


* Get passport renewed so I can go to the US again. I just discovered the other day that there's been a misunderstanding and my status does not prohibit me from going abroad, but from moving abroad*. I can vacation to my heart's content.

But my passport being expired means I have no valid ID, and I want to get my name changed again, and that mole on my chin removed, before I get a new passport. Going to have to step outside of my comfort zone on the latter and contact a private doctor, because the public service has ridiculous waiting lists. At least I've gone through name change once before, and it wasn't too hard ten years ago, so I don't expect too much trouble from it this time.

* Not actually prohibited from moving abroad, it's just that if I do it before a certain time has passed, I may lose my income.

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