Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Cleaning out the closet


The big one in the library, the one full of clothes I've hardly worn for years, of which several garments were damaged in the great mouse infestation of 2011. For a few days now, I've been pulling out stuff, mourning my losses, cursing the mice and seeing what I can salvage. With a few exceptions, I didn't really use many of those items of clothing anyway. I should just toss out 70% of the entire closet, but I'm just not used to throwing away clothing that's not worn so thin I couldn't imagine wearing it in public. And even then I tend to save it to wear on days I don't leave the house. I do have a hoarding problem. Probably have three times as many clothes than I need. Even more when it comes to T-shirts. Part of me is relieved that woot hasn't offered anything of interest to me for nearly a month now.

How do you all deal with overflowing closets? When is it time to let something go? How do you deal with impossible-to-remove stains? Should I just throw out the pillowcase that was soaked in mouse urine, or should I attempt to bleach the hell out of it?
Tags: hoarding, home maintenance, laundry
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