Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Rock slide


about two hours ago, a rock fell into my garden.

After the initial shock and surprise subsided (where in blazes did that come from?!), I grabbed my camera and went to have a look.

There was another rock of about the same size that didn't make it through the same bushes as the first one.


And a feeling of horror crept through me when I saw the main slab. It was freaking huge. If that had hit my house.. Well, I'd have to live somewhere else for a while. But thanks to terrain, it stopped short of reaching my place, and I wasn't in its direct path anyway. But close enough.


Path of destruction left in its wake:

And that tree was outside of the main slab's slide. Must've been a smaller rock hitting it with great force.

I think this is where it originated:

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