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- Oh wow did I have to move a lot of stuff off my SSD to be able to accommodate the installation of the game. I'm not sure exactly what happened; something wrong with the download and resuming at ~80% and before I knew what hit me I was out of space (Thought I had about 8 gig free).. I move lots of stuff to other drives and eventually make it. The moment it's fully downloaded, C: jumps from 470MB free to the much more realistic 12.5GB. Seriously, Steam, what happened?

- I don't like the font for the subtitles. It has somewhat bad kerning. No way to change that in the options. Your options for subtitles are "on" and "off" -_- (Also not all speech is subtitled. In that scene in the tutorial where lots of people are shouting at the same time, none of them are subbed. Oddly enough I heard them all clearly.)

- Why must you tease me so? In one of the promo pictures, you see a soldier with cornrows. But cornrows and dreadlocks are not among the hair style options available. Is there some way to unlock more customization options later on? If so, forgiven. If not, disappointed.

You can customize your soldiers' appearance quite a lot, including many colors of hair. XCOM strike team: Color coded for your convenience. :D

Looks awesome.

More to come.
Tags: xcom: enemy unknown

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