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Life update and unreliable ebooks.


Had a pretty full day today. Tired now. Had an appointment with my doctor, to remove the stitches. My grandmother tagged along so she could visit my grandfather in the nursing home. I called ahead earlier in the morning to let the kitchen know she'd be coming and that she'd take her dinner there instead of having it delivered to her home, as she gets every monday, tuesday, thursday and friday. Wednesdays I cook for her, and on the weekend, my aunt makes sure she eats.
After the doctor appointment, I spent some time with both of my grandparents, eventually leaving to go shopping about forty minutes before our return ride. We got home, I reminded her of her favorite TV shows coming on in a few minutes and went home to put away my own groceries, before heading back down to join her for some TV watching. So I missed the first few minutes of Murder, she wrote, but I enjoyed tonight's episode of Derrick. Got my grandmother to eat a pastry and a quarter of a persimmon. Also got several rounds of sock knitting done while visiting. She slept through over half of the episode of Derrick though.. as usual.
Tomorrow I'm making Chicken Korma (jarred sauce, but fresh chicken, basmati rice and a side of fresh vegetables).

Part of me worries that I'll come of as bragging about being a good granddaughter, but hey, this is my journal and these are the things happening in my life. Four years from now I'll look back and thank my past self for bothering to write this stuff down.

Not quite sure if I have the energy to cook a real dinner for myself this evening. Kind of have to clean the kitchen more before I can cook, too. Kind of just want to have half a bag of chips and play XCOM all night.

I miss Odessa. I just cleaned my keyboard and I can't help but notice the absence of cat hair. I wish I still had to clean out her hair from my keyboard. After she got sick, I didn't bother shooing her off the desk anymore. If she wanted to nap on the keyboard, that was fine. I could use a break anyway.

I'm trying to read more. A couple of days ago I bought the e-book version of Slangebæreren, by Unni Lindell. It was a huge disappointment because obviously they had made the ebook by scanning the paper book, running it through OCR software, and not bothering to have a human proofreader go over it afterwards. Seriously, in the first 10% of the book there were fifteen OCR errors. That should indicate the book might have around 150 errors in it. A normal book from a serious publisher has no more than three typos or other errors. I complained to the retailer, and they offered to refund me. Not sure if it would be right of me to take the full refund; I am still reading the book. I'm up to 29% now. The error rate has dropped a bit, or I'm not sure I could have put up with it this far. It really ruins the joy of reading for me.

Also get the feeling I've read it before. I know I've seen the movie version, but there are so many details that are completely familiar that couldn't have possibly made it into film. But I can't remember having ever held the book in my hands and read it. I have no idea who I might have borrowed it from.
Anyway, reason I bought the ebook was to be able to start reading it immediately, not pay postage (paperback version was actually cheaper than ebook, but not if you include postage), and not spend shelf space. I picked up four of the sequels at the library boat (#s 2, 3, 4 and 6), so I should at least get through the first three of those before the next time Epos docks in Brosvika.

In conclusion: Great book, but get it in dead tree format, because the ebook is speckled with mistakes.

Not sure how to resolve this situation. Wondering if this is representative of Norwegian ebooks. This is the first time I'm reading one. Have previously purchased one, but not read it yet. Wonder if the publisher just screwed up and accidentally published the pre-proofread file, or if they are under the delusion that OCR software is 100% reliable. And don't they already have the manuscript in a digital format? Why scan & OCR at all? It just seems like more work. Thinking of asking the bookstore to take it up with the publisher; I know I don't have the energy to do it myself. In fact I'm not even sure I'll have the spoons to write a reply to the email where they apologized and offered me a full refund. Readers, what would you do?
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