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One thing that is really bothering me at this point, as I'm near the end of my fourth game of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, is the all-pervasive misgendering. The aliens are all sexless; most if not all alien races are cloned. They have no male or female. Yet when one of my soldiers take one out, I frequently hear comments such as "he's down". Never "it". Because male is considered the default.

But far more annoying is when one of my female soldiers die, I get to hear "he's gone", "man down", etc. The fact that some soldiers are female is barely even acknowledged. ("Listen up, boys and girls.")

Also, nearly all the comments soldiers make when using medikits are stupid. ("Man up and get back out there")

I'm perfectly okay with there being more male soldiers than female soldiers. That's kind of realistic. Got no problem with there being an achievement ("Flight of the Valkyries") for completing a mission with an all-woman team. Having one woman out of the three main supporting cast (Central Officer Bradford, Dr. Vahlen, Dr. Shen) is fine.

But when a female soldier dies on a mission and someone makes a comment on the debriefing screen about "losing good men" I see red.
Tags: feminism, gender issues, video games, xcom: enemy unknown

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