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What have I been doing? Not too much.

I have my new laptop, Zhaomi-Mei (received in the last week of last year). XCOM: Enemy Unknown works really well on her. I've also replayed Might and Magic VII: Day of the Destroyer. Just installed Skyrim the other day, and it defaulted to Ultra High settings. Very happy.

In knitting, I just finished the pair of socks I started on New Year's Day. Sewing in ends and blocking will wait until we're back from Florida. Should not need wool socks there.

In reading, I've only finished one book, Seanan McGuire's Ashes of Honor. It was amazing. I've also read a few short stories, and started on Bloodchildren, which, three or four stories in, I heartily recommend.

Oh, and two days ago I had my hair dyed. It came out really well, but unfortunately, as the stylist explained to me, "All the fun colors are temporary"

Now it's a quarter to three in the middle of the night and we're doing last-minute prep for our floridian vacation.
Tags: books, knitting

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