Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

meh. (bit ranty; links to kitten photos)


I'm starting to get a bit lonely here. It's been.. er, I don't know, about two weeks since I even left Brosvika. (Hm - I can probably just check my bank statement for that. It's not like I ever go anywhere and don't buy anything)

Okay, so "only" ten days. Naturally I am out of fresh foods at this point. I can survive on dry, frozen and canned foods, of course, but I miss having the occasional fruit. If only it wasn't a school vacation, there would be a bus I could take. Except that I'd still have to walk the last 3 kilometers on the return trip, laden with groceries. But I don't even have that option until school resumes on the 19th.

My main problem is that as far as I know, the next time I get to go grocery shopping is in another nine days. (when I have my next doctor appointment)
I'm also really low on cat food (cats won't starve as long as they are willing to eat dry food, at least). Maybe I should take that trip to Bergen to see Pacific Rim. It's just that there's no way to catch a movie and still get back again the same day. So that's an extra expense for a hotel room, plus the fact that it means I'll be away from the kittens for a minimum of 30 hours. But I'd have time for shopping and could stock up on vital supplies I can't get more locally. Which means I'll have no carrying capacity to spare for fresh foods.

For those who don't follow me on tumblr, these are the kitten posts I've made so far: (video, 58 seconds)

maybe I should stop tagging my photos on flickr, because I swear there are several people monitoring the kittens tag, grabbing photos to post to tumblr, and inevitably they'll get more notes than I do on the same picture because they have a wider audience. There's something about the way tumblr and/or flickr handles referral info that makes it nearly impossible for me to tell where all those hits are coming from. But every time I see in my stats that I've had 100+ hits from unknown source, it's because someone has posted a photo of mine on tumblr. And often they don't fill in the source field correctly and when people see it on their dashboards they'll see the source listed as the person who posted it to tumblr and my name isn't visible anywhere and that pisses me off. The only way anyone will know it was my photo is if they click the image to see it full size on flickr. Very few people will actually do that. And I really don't have the energy to yell at people for violating the license on the photos (notice that part that says "attribution"? That means posting the photo without my name next to it is not allowed)

I miss talking to people. These days, nothing makes my day more than replying to someone on twitter and having them actually reply back to me. I like it when people talk to me.

Oh, and in knitting news, I finished July's socks with one day to spare. Photos to come as soon as the weather clears up. (Yesterday's thunderstorm knocked out the power and it took just over two hours before it was restored) Have not yet cast on August's socks because I've started playing Sid Meier's Civilization V, and it's kind of eating up all my spare time.
Tags: gaming, kittens, knitting, life in brosvika, tumblr

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