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More hope for the kitten situation..


I was very nearly out of cat food. If I hadn't managed to get out today, well.. I suppose I have enough dry food for another 3-5 days. So anyway. Last night I sent my aunt a message asking if she's going to Eivindvik today as I desperately need groceries. Of course she didn't see it until too late, which I kind of planned for so I got up a bit earlier and checked bus/ferry schedules.

I couldn't get to Brekke or Eivindvik by bus. I could get to Dalsøyra, but no return trip. Possibly there could be some really roundabout way to get back.
So I defaulted to my usual trip to Førde, thinking I'd take it part of the way, to Dale, and shop at the perfectly okay grocery store there. I checked the return, and.. that bus wasn't running. I'd have to take the same bus back as I do when I go to Førde. So basically I had the choice between six hours in Dale, or three hours in Førde. Førde has much better shopping opportunities.

So I started walking towards the ferry lane after not finding my noise-cancelling headphones. Fortunately I had not gotten far when a car stopped; my neighbor H (whom I don't know very well, but she knows who I am and offered me a ride). As she was going to Eivindvik, I figured that was just as well. Probably easier to get back home from. We talked about the cats nearly the entire way; they're relatives of Calico-kitty's so-called owner and are familiar with the cat. Said they thought the cat must've died, they hadn't seen her in so long. Heh. <_<
I showed photos of the kittens and mentioned my plans to tame them and get them fixed so they could have better lives.

So once in Eivindvik,. I had this huge weight hanging over me, since I had no idea how I'd get home. Maybe start walking and see if anyone offers me a ride? I mean, out here, it's almost inevitable. But I'd probably have to wait half the day so I'd catch the afternoon crowd of people going home from work.

I looked at public transportation options. There was one. Bus to Sollibotn, boat to Rysjedalsvika, ferry to Rutledal and walk three kilometers home from there. With lots of groceries. Oh, and I'd have to wait over seven hours until that bus left. It would take about an hour and a half to get to Rutledal (by car it's about 30 minutes). The walk back home takes me about 40 minutes if I'm at light encumbrance levels. (Before going with this option I'd try to call my aunt and check when she's going back home)

I just ordered a taxi instead (this is easy enough for me as I know the taxi driver well enough that I don't get social anxiety about contacting her). As soon as I had arranged the ride back home, I felt as if a curse had been lifted from me. I felt relaxed. And I could buy more groceries than I could carry because I'd have a ride all the way home, not having to walk except the short-but-steep path up to my place.

I finished up my shopping and waited in the car while another passenger was doing his grocery shopping (ride sharing is fairly common here as we only have two cars servicing the area). His destination was on the way to my place, so I only paid for the ride from that stop to my place, saving about a fifth of the usual cab fare.

After feeding the cats, putting away groceries and relaxing a while, I went down to the farm to watch TV with my grandmother. Didn't get to focus much on the show (not important to me anyway) because our neighbor A visited and the three of us got to talking. She's the one who told me who owns Calico-kitty several months ago; also part of that family.

And here's the part that gave me new hope: she told me that when she got her cat spayed, the vet came to her house and did it right there on her kitchen table. Wow. And it wasn't super expensive either. So I needn't worry too much about that part. Just focus on getting them tame first. Yeah, it sounds kind of creepy and not at all sterile.. but.. can you imagine how near-impossible it'd be to get the kittens to a clinic on public transportation? I'd probably have to stay the night too.. at least I know a hotel in Bergen where pets are allowed.. but yeah, all that and with that veterinarian clinic's prices I'd seriously consider doing an online fundraiser for spaying costs. And that would only depress me further because I know I don't have much of an audience online and I'd raise maybe fifty bucks total which wouldn't really make a dent. And it's not like I don't have the money to pay for it out of pocket. Why should strangers on the internet pay for my neighbor's totally irresponsible pet ownership? Then again, why should I?
Poor Calico-kitty. If I hadn't been here to support her, she might not have survived this long, and her kittens would definitely not have. Instead she is thriving and is building up strategic body fat reserves. The kittens are warming up to me. I can pet them while they eat, and they're no longer all that scared of me. They still shy away a bit, but they're not terrified like at first. I can reach my hand out to them and they'll sniff my finger. That was out of the question a week ago. I'm making progress.

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