Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

monthly entry or something.


Nearly a month since I last updated LJ. Things happening. Lots of things. I can't keep up with everything. My tab count just hit 350.

My grandfather died last month. It was entirely expected; he had been ill for years, with the last week marking a steep decline. I got to see him on the day he died. He was in a coma and each breath he drew was a battle for survival, as if holding on still held any meaning. Maybe it did. If what we face in death is nothingness, I think I would hold on with that same desperation. I got the phone call informing me that he had passed away right around 11 PM, August 21st. I went right back to playing video games again. I didn't really feel much at all. It didn't feel like a loss because, in reality, I'd been losing him for several years now.
It's been five and a half years since I moved to Brosvika, and only once in my time here did he actually remember my name. He always knew that I was someone who belonged here, but he rarely knew who I was, or even that we were related.
So now I'm down to my last grandparent.

I've been updating my tumblr a lot more recently. That seems to be the place to post about kittens. I'm enjoying the attention I get.

For posterity, here are all my original tumblr posts since the last recap: [text only] <- most popular post to date! [text only] [text only] <- very cute

in short, if you like kittens you should follow me on tumblr.

So many things to do, people to get in touch with and things to clean at home. I can't handle a full, normal life, and tend to retreat into video games.
Tags: cats, family, gaming, kittens, knitting, life in brosvika

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