Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Today in cat taming..


I'm exhausted.
Fearing that Calico-kitty is pregnant again, I have trapped her. She was pissed off for a while, then sad, and now she's kind of sulking. I'm pretty sure she is pregnant; she is huge. The kittens aren't even four months old and she looks like she's ready to pop out another litter.
I've been in touch with a local animal rescue organization and hopefully they can help me with this situation.
Xiomara has been behaving strangely tonight, after I had trapped her mom. She was growling and hissing at things for no discernible reason - even at me. In fact she slapped me on two separate occasions. This all seemed to be related to my bedroom. After I got all the kittens out of there and the door closed, she got back to normal. I know I've joked that that odd smell I detect sometimes is a "ghost smell" but.. is she sensing something that upsets her? Or was it just the scent of her mother lingering?

I'm just so, so tired. Also yesterday on my trip to Førde, I couldn't get in touch with my aunt (she wasn't at home anyway) so I didn't have a ride home from the ferry, and decided to walk. Clocked over 14600 steps on the pedometer for that day. I did take the bus to the ferry that morning. There's no way I'd walk both ways when I also have hours of walking around in Førde. Oh yeah, and I also walked back to "downtown" Førde from the hospital.

I don't think I could handle anything else going wrong right around now.

...and after typing that sentence, I went to spend some time with Calico-kitty, and she barged right past me into the living room and won't go back to her assigned quarters. At least she's not engaged in hostilities with the kittens; I even saw her going nose-to-nose with Turbo, without either cat hissing.

Other issues I'm dealing with:
* I still haven't cast on my Socks of the Month for September.
* Trying to clean my house so I can get it evaluated, in order to know how much money I'll need to do renovations. This whole 'buying the cabin' business has me stressed out beyond belief, but I would not be feeling any better if I abandoned that plan. I need to own this place. To have a place I can retreat to if everything else goes to hell. Someplace that is mine. And since the place isn't all that expensive, I wouldn't need to borrow too much and I could pay it all off in 5-7 years. The monthly payments wouldn't be all that much higher than my rent. Meaning my economy would get a really nice boost once the loan is paid off.. - but I don't know how much I'll need to borrow in addition to buying the place, because if I just buy it without doing any renovation.. and then leave it empty for most of the year.. it's just going to drop in value and I'll be left with nothing but a plot of land I wouldn't have the money to erect a new building on.
* Less than two months until I go to the US. To Do before then: Set up Raspberry Pi + Quasselcore, sign up for a DynDNS service. And probably a whole lot of other things.

It would be really nice if I had more friends semi-locally; if someone would come spend a week or so at my place in the middle of my vacation, that would be great. Otherwise the place will be overrun by mice when I get back.
Tags: cats, life in brosvika

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